Spintex Community 18 Road In A Bad State

Spintex Community 18 Road In A Bad State

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The state ofIMG-20160618-WA0003 the road along the Spintex Community 18 junction is deplorable. The stretch of the road from the 18 junction through to the Community 18 Police station is full of potholes.
Drivers who use the road are forced to either use a different route or drive slowly in order not to damage their cars.
The gutters along the roads are chocked with rubbish therefore the water has no channel to pass. When it rains the situation worsens. Residents who live around have taken it upon themselves to cover the road with sand and stones to make it a bit motorable after which they solicit for funds from the drivers.IMG-20160618-WA0006
In an interaction with the taxi drivers at the community 18 taxi rank, they complained about the bad nature of the roads and pleaded with the authorities to come to their aid.
Story by: Banne Andrews

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