Does Age Difference Matter In A Relationship?

Does Age Difference Matter In A Relationship?

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At a point in life, there is the realization that one must establish a relationship with another he or she finds suitable. Based on what criteria will these individuals pick such suitable partners? What role does age play in establishing a relationship with one’s partner? Should it be a question of how old you are when it comes to dating? What does the age factor bring to the table?

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According to a few interviews conducted, it’s believed that the older a person is, the more experienced he or she is in dealing with relationship issues. It is perceived that, by the time a man is of 30 and above years, he should have some work going sturdy for him so as to be able to support his younger female partner who may still be in school or still figuring out where she stands in life. In comparison to a younger man especially one who may still be in school, the older man has the advantage in terms of finances, maturity, and experience. Basically the older man can take care of the woman much better than the student. According to information gathered from interviews with 25 people randomly picked in Accra, Ghana, some people tend to hide their real age because their partners may find them either too young or too old to hold a relationship with, mainly because of the notion of age being a key factor to them in a relationship.

There are still others who believe that age is nothing but a number. Most people with such mentalities do not really conform to the usual theory of having a high age gap. Here, more often than not, both males and females of the same age group try to establish relationships despite being of the same level and maturity in hopes of being together for a long while and it may even lead to marriage. Apparently such people dispute the notion that their female partners would have better chances with someone older than them.

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In some cases, the roles may even be reversed. A situation where the female may be older than the male. Some societies find this sort of relationship to be awkward yet others choose to go forward with it. Most parents would be reluctant to give their blessing when they realize the male is younger than the female or the female is older than the male depending on the point of view of either’s parents, yet these are situations that occur in society today.

It may be safe to say that the age factor concerning relationships and marriages, is a matter of choice based on preference of the parties involved. Age may be just a number to some but other cling to the belief that it’s the experience that counts, and with age comes experience and maturity.


Story by; Kalvin Crystal

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