The Private and Personal Life of Martha Ankomah.

The Private and Personal Life of Martha Ankomah.

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Ghanaian Actress Martha AnkomahGhanaian Actress Martha Ankomah

Young and beautiful Ghanaian actress, Martha Ankomah who is also an entrepreneur has disclosed her private and personal life as a celebrity in an exclusive interview with GIJ Online.

According to Martha,” privacy is all about how you handle it”. She hinted that she keeps what she thinks is private away from the media and the general public.

She is able to walk to any waakye joint or get porridge when she feels for it. She says fame and celebrity life has not taken away her privacy and that she is comfortable and lives a life that is pleasing to God and not man.

Asked if she has been defamed, she said “in this kind of industry, one needs to have a though skin and not pay heed to what people say”. She added, “she loves herself and can’t live to please anyone”. To Martha, it is worth being a celebrity and it all depends on the individual, how you handle things and what you put out there. Her advice to all those who wishes to be a celebrity is to believe in themselves first ,have faith in God, be confident, bold and persevere.  This is what the Ghanaian actress Martha Ankomah says about celebrity and privacy. So to celebrities out there, privacy is all about what you put out there and  be yourself because you can’t live please everyone.  Finally to those who want to be celebrities, Martha says it worth it and be careful on what you put out there. In bit and pieces, don’t follow the bandwagon.

By  Miriam Owusu-Ansah (Level 300 Journalism B) and Abigail Adoma Gadagoe(level 300 Journalism A)

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