Stop Prescribing Medicines To Yourself – Biomedical Scientist Warns Against Effects

Stop Prescribing Medicines To Yourself – Biomedical Scientist Warns Against Effects

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drugBiomedical Scientist of Teshie Community Clinic, Mr. Opoku Peprah Bernard has advised patients not to prescribe drugs for themselves due to the adverse effects of such practice on their conditions.

In an interview with, Mr. Opoku noted that there is a high dependency rate of self-medication in the county which is life-threatening.

He explained that most people take overdose to mask their symptoms and eventually develop an addiction. Many patients from drug rehab treatment centers admit that they began to self-medicate before becoming an addict.

“We all practice self-medication…, When the doctor prescribes a medicine for you and it works when you see similar symptoms in the future the subsequent drugs you buy is self-medication”, he said.

According to him, people usually treat themselves without proper medication due to “proximity (to pharmaceutical shops), poverty, lack of education, accessibility and exposure” which tend to worsen their health condition before getting professional medical assistance and is when addiction problems raise, but the help from a Inpatient Drug Rehab Center in Florida could be essential to overcome these issues.

“One most important health implication of self-medication is resistance of the drug, self-administered treatment might not be of no result so as the condition will be persistent. Complication means something complex. With complication of the condition when you take the wrong dosage, the medication worsen and multiplies. Self-medication causes a problem when there’s no problem. The medicine goes to invite different problems”, he stated.

He therefore urged the general public to abstain from administering drugs to themselves but consult accredited medical practitioners to avoid any health complications.


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