Keep The Korle-Lagoon Clean – Residents Appeal

Keep The Korle-Lagoon Clean – Residents Appeal

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The residents of Korle-Gonno, a suburb of Accra, are appealing to the general public to keep the Korle lagoon clean.

 A visit to the site by GIJ online news crew revealed the unhygienic condition of the lagoon, making it difficult for fishing and tourist activities.

Speaking to GIJ online news, the residents expressed disgust about the bad attitudes of some Ghanaians regarding the lagoon.

Nii Adotey Maclean, a resident at Korle-Gonno stated “the Korle-Lagoon which was once known for its attractive scenery and aquaculture is dead due to the dirt in the Lagoon…all drains in Accra are linked to the Korle-Lagoon therefore the refuse that people dispose into the gutters and on the streets goes straight to the Korle-lagoon. Also saw mill dust from Timber market is also disposed into the lagoon”.

The Public Relation Officer (PRO) of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (A.M.A), Mr. Gilbert Nii Ankrah told GIJ online news that “majority of the drains and gutters are linked to the Korle-lagoon and not all as earlier stated by the residents…The Assembly is doing its best to keep the towns in their jurisdiction clean but their main challenge is the attitudes of the residents towards sanitation within their localities”.

He also said “the disposal of the refuse into drains and gutters during rainfall did not facilitate the flow of water leading to flood and therefore the A.M.A is undertaking a massive desilting of the drains to avoid such floods”.


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