National Theatre Hosted a 3-day Anniversary Symposium

National Theatre Hosted a 3-day Anniversary Symposium

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888888888888888888888888888888888888The Director of National Theatre of Ghana  Mrs. Appiah Frimpong has hosted a 3-day symposium as part of its 25th Anniversary Celebrations.

This workshop created a platform for the exchange of ideas to assist a number of participants from performers, arts teachers, schools,sports men and other interested groups.

Speaking at the workshop in Accra, a specialist in health care at the Ohio University,Dr. Jeffery Russell said doctors should pay attention to musicians, actors and other persons within the creative arts industry as they are prone to serious health issues in their line of duty.

He also said that, there have been complaints by people in the arts industry about the “unprofessionalism” behavior by some medical doctors in the country. “ Diploma or Degree is not important as patients in your examination wards. Performing art people always complain and feel medical professional do not treat them well” Dr. Russell noted in his speech.

As part of the 25th anniversary celebration, the National Theatre has partnered Azaguno ‘Agoro’ a concept of new African music, dance and dramatic sketches aimed at educating, transforming and entertaining.

Source: Zainab Abdullahi/Dip1A

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