Ghana Health Service To Implement Patients’ Charter Soon

Ghana Health Service To Implement Patients’ Charter Soon

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Ghana-Health-ServiceThe Ghana Health Service (GHS) is calling on health facilities to adopt thePatients' Charter to promote quality health care for patients in the country.

The Patients' Charter is a document by the Ghana Health Service which spells out the rights and responsibilities of patients when they go to a health facility.

Several Ghanaians seem to be unaware of their rights and responsibilities leading to poor health services and death; this is why the GHS wants to sensitize the patients.

Speaking to Dr. Addo of St. Joseph Hospital at Koforidua, he said "most individuals do not know about the Patients' Charter and for those who do, they are not interested in the details because the deficiency of our system does not make it effective".

He further explained that government's inability to provide good structures is hindering the Patients' Charter because patients do not feel comfortable to expose their privacy in "a room where there two or more doctors".

He urged Ghanaians to learn their rights as patients regardless of the challenges confronting hospitals as a precautionary measure.


Source: Nuseadeli Agordo/L-300JN

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