The Deadly Acts Of Mobile Nail-trimmers “Abochi”

The Deadly Acts Of Mobile Nail-trimmers “Abochi”

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IMG-20180622-WA0000Most Ghanaians have turned to mobile nail trimmers on the streets of Accra despite the risks involved with their services.

These people, popularly known as “Abochi”, who are mostly immigrants from Mali and Niger are found on the streets of Accra especially the Zongo communities and University campuses engaging in these acts.

Speaking to, Suleiman from Mali who happens to be one of these mobile nail-trimmers described their profession as one that does not require special training, adding that “all they need is a pair of scissors and a bottle of methylated spirit and they charge between 70 pesewas and Gh¢2 per trim making an average of Gh¢150 a week’’.

Touching on how they disinfect their tools and treat cuts, he said “we don’t have any disinfectant apart from the methylated spirit and we use same spirit when there’s a cut.”

A customer, who only gave his name as Francis, disclosed the service of the mobile nail-trimmers is cheaper compared to the professionals in the nail studios and another customer mentioned that they are easily accessible and very fast when trimming.

The Ministry of Health and other health organizations must pay heed to this menace.

Source: Thelma Natasha Okai/Dip 1E




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