“God Dey Bless Me”…Enemies Will Fail – Fella Makafui

“God Dey Bless Me”…Enemies Will Fail – Fella Makafui

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fella (2)The embattled YOLO Actress, Fella Makafui says that efforts to tarnish her image will not succeed.

She made this statement in an Instagram comment Wednesday, June 20, 2018 when she published a message emphasizing that she was not the lady in the two minute sex video which has been circulated online.

Fella's message followed a post by an account by name #IPICKKWESIA18 which revealed that a lady in the sex tape purported to be the YOLO Actress is rather a professional adult movie star based in Houston, Texas.

Reacting to the comment by the fan, Fella chastised bloggers for focusing on scandals and ignoring the good things she has been doing for society.

She wondered why such a tape would be attributed to her in the wake of her recent ordeal, stressing that her enemies won’t succeed to cripple her promising future.

"Waaa see…And all this will start popping up after them drag your name finish…I dey do donations, dey win awards…them never go talk am…but false stories dierrr…….but I no bore!!!God wey dey bless me……..Them go try but never go succeed!!!", she said in her Instagram post.


Source: Tamara Kwayisi/Dip1b


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