Society Must Stop Stigmatizing Rape Victims – Eugenia Baffour

Society Must Stop Stigmatizing Rape Victims – Eugenia Baffour

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rape1Eugenia Baffour is a young anti-rape activist and founder of an anti-sexual violence organization "The Safe Space Foundation".

Being a sexual assault survivor, her priority is to find ways to help helpless and vulnerable people mainly children and women who are assaulted in the society.

Speaking to host Berla Mundi on "The Late Afternoon Show" on GH One TV, Eugenia Baffour, also known as "Kim Baakop3" on social media platform Twitter, was disgusted about the little concern that society shows to rape victims.

"Well what I want to say is, I feel as though it's not only the community and itself but especially the media, there's a problem with how the media focuses on the victims more than the perpetrators and you find that when it comes to these situations, it's very rare for you to find information about Paedophiles or sexual assault perpetrators or anybody, but as soon as a little child is raped or a girl is raped they don't mind putting out the pictures and videos her information out there for everybody, it's like and obsession with rape but not necessarily about the person who did it…", She lamented. 

"Our stigmatization Problem is a deeper problem from our community, from our social norm and all of that yes" she added. 

Source: Sandra Nyarko/Dip1A


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