CHRAJ Is Powerless If… – CHRAJ Boss

CHRAJ Is Powerless If… – CHRAJ Boss

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CHRAJ Boss JOSEPH-WHITTALThe Commissioner of the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ), Joseph Whittal, has said CHRAJ cannot investigative an issue on rights violation without a formal complaint from victims or people involved.

Mr. Whittal indicated that his outfit has had to ignore certain cases due to no formal complaints and also, withdraw other cases because the people involved demanded it. This requirement, he said, is subject to law and CHRAJ has to comply to avoid any illegalities.

He voiced out his worry for such a constitutional requirement; hoping that the recommendation of the Constitutional Review Commission (CRC) will be made law. The CRC proposes that CHRAJ should not require complaint triggers for all cases before performing its mandate to protect human rights.

Speaking to Winston Amoah on 3FM’s Sunrise, the CHRAJ boss said “some people do not even know that their rights are being violated. And if CHRAJ should stumble upon a violation of a right, it should be able to investigate without necessarily having to have a complaint trigger the mandate.”

Joseph Whittal has held the office of the Commissioner for CHRAJ for the past 8 years.


Source: Moses Tetteh/ L-300JND



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