Our Lives Are In Danger…GIJ Students Lament 

Our Lives Are In Danger…GIJ Students Lament 

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Providing hostel facilities for students is very important especially during their tertiary stage.

It helps them to be active since all hostels are mostly closer to the school.

Majority of the students of Ghana Institute of Journalism has been lamenting about the inadequate hostel facilities on campus.

Meeting at the forecourt of the school, students expressed concerns.

A level 300 student of GIJ who gave her name only as Anita stated that she is “always afraid when I close after school because I would have to walk alone on that lonely road which is very dangerous because something might happen to me and I mostly get home at 10:00pm which makes coming to school the next day very tiring”.

Another student also registered her displeasure saying “I don’t know what our future holds. This is because we sometimes close as late as 8:30pm and would have to walk to the junction for bus which is not good or safe for us. This institution is almost 60years but has no hostel facilities…they always tell us [say] that they are building a new campus but there’s nothing to be seen which makes it very worrying.”


Source: Priscilla Okyere/Dip1b

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