Lecturers Must Possess a Counselling Background – Stanley Semarco

Lecturers Must Possess a Counselling Background – Stanley Semarco

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An industrial and organization psychologist, Stanley Semarco, has stressed on the need for lecturers in the various educational institutions to acquire training in counselling so as to help students attain greater heights in their academics.

In an interview with GIJ Online, Mr. Semarco, who is also a lecturer of the Ghana Institute of Journalism, said “lecturers should be able to help students manage their lifestyle in school.”

“Every lecturer should be trained to become a counsellor so that all lecturers who have been equipped with that skill would attend to issues before they get to their troubling threshold,” he said.

In response to the role of the counselling unit to the recent leakage of several sex tapes among students, he advised students to patronize the services of such units on the various campuses.

“You can’t only link availability and unavailability of counselling unit to the leakage of the sex videos. No! All those tertiary institution have a counselling unit. When you go to Legon, they have a counselling unit or center where professionals are manning those areas. So there isn’t any linkage at all. The truth is, even though there are counselling centers in these universities, unfortunately students do not take advantage of them,” he said.

Meanwhile, he hinted that the counselling did not only provide academic counselling but also financial and marital counselling “so that the student will be able to have the peace of mind to study.”

“So, the focal point is getting the student to go through the academic exercise smoothly. However, the counsellors are equipped to handle those other issues that are linked to academic performance,” he stressed.

He further advised that counselling of students should start from both JHS and SHS levels because “most of the issues come up at the JHS.”

“When you go deep it happens to be a baggage that has been carried from the SHS level to the tertiary institutions. So what I would appeal is that, every lecturer, every staff of an educational institution be trained in counselling. And that person should have the competence to do that,” he added.

By: Osei Belinda(Level 300 PR-A)


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