Affail Monney hopeful of another term as GJA president

Affail Monney hopeful of another term as GJA president

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Affail Monney

The current president of the Ghana Journalists Association (GJA), Affail Monney, is confident that he will be given another term as president of the Association in tomorrow’s [Friday] elections.

The election was supposed to be held in March, 2017, but was postponed because of some unresolved disputes.

At the time, Lloyd Evans, who is also contesting for the presidential position, was appealing his disqualification, and some journalists were challenging the authority of Affail Monney and his executives to organize the election.

Lloyd Evans said at the time that he would resist the decision to disqualify him and has since been reinstated.

“The chances can be determined and will be determined by the voters, and I believe that I have done justice to my leadership mettle after only one term in office. For the first in the history of GJA, we’ve been able to unionize this Association, and what it means is that, the profile of media workers in Ghana will change for the better,” Affail Monney said to Citi News’ Farida Shaibu.

When asked about his reactions to the criticisms on how he has led the Association, he said, “I will not fault anybody for attacking or insulting me. I thank all those who have criticized me, some justifiable, some unjustifiable. Nana Akufo-Addo was the most insulted candidate in the history of this country and now he is occupying the first office of the land.”

Affail Monney believes that he has “unionized the GJA for the first time in the history of this country, we’ve also set up a GJA fund; after 5 years, contributors are eligible to get access to the fund and invest in any project of their choice” and that he has done enough to warrant a re-election.

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