Street Hawking and Its Adversities

Street Hawking and Its Adversities

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Pavements are walkways for pedestrians. These are ways created for people to walk on, in other to avoid them walking on the streets which are made solely for vehicles.  But here in Ghana what do we see? Walkways are taken by traders. Various items are been sold our walkways. When you look at our pavements today there is no difference comparing it to the market. Pedestrians are forced to walk on the side of the street therefore endangering their lives.


One interesting thing about it is that, when you try to manage and walk by these traders, you received insults because you might have hit or touch their goods. According to these people who sell on the walkways, the market place does not expose them to a lot of customers.

Others claim they don’t have enough space in the markets, some also said the revenue officers bother them. These are various reasons why our walkways have turn into markets.


 Most accidents are caused by pedestrians walking on the side of the streets instead of the pavements. Several attempts have been made by the government to stop these traders from selling on the pavements but it has yielded no results. The metropolitan Assemblies have trained special task forces to ensure that these traders are not seen selling on the pavements but it doesn’t look like it is working because traders are still selling on the pavements.

What can we do as country to stop this activity, what are the new measures government is putting in place to end this activity, must they be educated on the dangers involved in their actions? These are questions that seem to ponder on the mind of the average citizen.

Story by: Cordillia Acquaye (Dip 1A)

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