Excessively Bad Habits To Break

Excessively Bad Habits To Break

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Bad habits affect one mentally, physically and socially. Though some bad habits are difficult to let go, you must learn to let go of them else they will destroy you.

Here are some bad habits you must do away with, if you are a culprit.


1. NAIL-BITING: Besides being unhygienic, it is socially unacceptable. It causes stomach problems and dental problems such as malocclusion of the anterior teeth. People who bite their nails tend to have shorter nails which are less likely to attract germs; however, it is a bad habit. Stress is known to be the number one trigger of the nail-biting habit. If you keep biting your nails when you are stressed, you would end up doing so in public, unknowingly.


2. SMOKING: Smoking is one of the major causes of death in the world. Besides that, it causes pre-mature aging, yellowing of the teeth, bad breath and worst of all, jeopardises of the health of the people around the smoker. Studies have shown that non-smokers who are exposed to second-hand smoke (smoke puffed out by the smoker) are at greater risk than those who even smoke.

Excessive drinking

3. EXCESSIVE DRINKING: We all know that alcohol destroys us but what we don’t know is that it affects our brains, hearts and other delicate organs. Whether it is taken occasionally or over-time, it still affects our health negatively.

Junk food

4. EATING JUNK FOOD: Junk food is all over in our society today.  Junk foods such as fries, highly processed burgers, etc. have being termed ‘actual food’ in today’s society. You find people taking burgers for breakfast with their reason being, “it’s tasty”. What you don’t know is that junk food alters brain activity and causes one to be addicted. This is why when you eat fast food a day before; you are likely to crave for it the following day. You’re just like a drug addict who craves for drugs.  And we all know what cravings do to us.


5. LATENESS: Being late connotes being rude to the other person. It also makes you rush to do things and rush to catch up on and/or to things; and you always apologize to the people you are meeting with. Being late to events and appointments makes you late in life. Try to get to places 15 minutes before time and you’re good to go.


6. LEAVING THINGS TO THE LAST MINUTE: Burning the minute candle isn’t fun, it’s exhausting. Not only is doing things at the last minute mentally draining; it leaves you feeling anxious as to whether you can finish the work on time and in a hyper-tense mood. Wouldn’t you rather do things before time and just go through when it’s time instead? That way, you are always prepared and on top of your game every time.


7. STRESS-EATING: Many people resort to eating when they are unhappy, stressed, anxious, etc. in order to deal with the mood and that is very bad. What stress-eating does is to keep your mind occupied, as it is concentrated on the food you are eating at the time. Afterwards, reality kicks in and so you eat some more and temporarily forget. In so doing, you form a cycle where you eat to release stress, fell happy or less worried but when your platter is empty, that dreaded mood rears its ugly head.


Culled from Life Hack

Story by: Victoria Asamoah (Level 300 JN A)

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