Six Things Successful People Never Say

Six Things Successful People Never Say

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According to sages (used in ancient times to refer to people who were very wise, especially out of experience), words are potent and should be chosen and spoken with care for they are the most powerful drugs used by mankind. That is to say, we have to mind what we say at every point in time because our words have the power to make or break a person and worsen or improve a situation.


Here are 6 phrases successful people would never say:

1. “I have no choice” or “I had no choice”
Successful people always see options, regardless of the situation. People who use these weak words do that to relieve themselves of responsibilities.

2. “I should have” or “I could have”
The words should, could and ought imply regret. Successful people will never wallow in the past and they rarely regret a decision. They believe everything is a learning experience that gets them closer to their aims.

Six Things Successful People Never Say
3. “It’s not my fault”
Admitting wrong-doing means you’re growing and learning for the future. Blame-shifters are annoying to be around with. They never get anything done. They are bent on apportioning blames on others at the least chance.

4. “It has always been done this way”
Successful people are successful because they love to innovate and do things differently. As said by Steve Jobs, “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” That is why creative people are mostly employed.


5. “I don’t have enough time”
People allow time to impose its will on them but successful people impose their will on time. Time is equally shared so you have no excuse to not becoming successful.

6. “I don’t have the right connections”
You would not have the right connections unless you make them. Successful people are connected to successful people. You don’t have an excuse to not making it. You would get the connections if you make yourself important to others.

Culled from the Business Insider

Story by: Victoria Asamoah (Level 300 JN A)

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