Smartphones: How well are they utilized

Smartphones: How well are they utilized

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Over the centuries, mobile phones have undergone an evolution so astonishing, that it’s no wonder most of these devices are now referred to as “smartphones”.

In recent times, it’s quite a normal thing to see most of the youth in Ghana clamouring and spending thousands, even millions of cedis on these sophisticated phones.

With Apple and Samsung being two of the biggest mobile phone brands in the country, most people who can’t afford to purchase a phone from any of these brands, resort to spending their entire savings on the latest version of the Samsung Galaxy or the most recent iPhone out of Steve Jobs' camp.

Ironically, these phones which are equivalent to high speed computers are highly under utilized.

The phones have been limited to the making of phone calls, sending of messages, checking emails and taking of pictures and videos. Others include shopping online and surfing the internet.

Apart from these uses, there are countless of features and functions that smartphones can perform, with lots more being developed almost every time. While shopping, how many people may be aware of the ability of their smart phones to scan the barcodes of products?

For most of the fitness and health minded individuals, their expensive smartphones is capable of monitoring the rate of their heart beat as well as calculate body fat percentage and muscle size.

Even with old, abandoned phones, they can easily be converted to security cameras with the aid of an app.

Owing to the numerous uses of smartphones, it’s of utmost necessity that people who patronize them ensure that they get their money’s worth. Smartphones shouldn’t be purchased just to appear “hip” or “cool” but rather get the very best out of the device.

By: Dorcas Obenewaa Owusu (Diploma 1 A)

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