Residents of Nungua Buade lament over weak footbridge

Residents of Nungua Buade lament over weak footbridge

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Residents of Nungua Buade are grumpy about the deplorable state of the footbridge across the Blekesse gutter.

According to them, the weakening bridge poses a threat to lives as one side of the bridge is impaired.

The Blekesse gutter has also become a place for dumping rubbish; a situation which worsens flooding in the vicinity whenever there is a downpour.

Speaking to gijonlinenews, a resident who gave her name as Esi narrated, "One handle of the bridge is spoilt. We have complained severally to the assemblyman but he said we should have patience. We also don't have any dump to dispose of our refuse causing people to dump refuse into the gutter and when it rains, this place gets flooded."

The Assemblyman of the area, David Nii Shipie spoke to, “we have two engineers at the assembly, they have come around to witness the condition about this bridge. They gave the assurance that this hand will be fixed very soon but surprisingly up to date nothing has been done about it."

Story by: Desmond Tetteh (Diploma One A)

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