Cinammon: More than Just a Spice

Cinammon: More than Just a Spice

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You might have heard of the name, perhaps, but may not have seen it before. Cinnamon is common spice especially in Asia and the West used for its sweet aroma. It is comes from the bark of the Ceylon cinnamon tree. It gets its sweet substance from a substance known as cinnamaldehyde which is present in the bark. It has many antifungal and anti-bacterial properties that make it a great addition to diet.

Cinnamon provides a lot of health benefits. Some of it include the following:
*Cinnamon can help manage PCOS (Polycystic ovarian syndrome)
PCOS is a problem with numerous symptoms that needs to be managed due to a number of characteristics. Management of insulin resistance in females leads to weight gain with PCOS pilot research indicates. Cinnamon can also mitigate heavy menstrual bleeding associated with common conditions in relations to disease that affects women health namely endometriosis, menorrhagia, and uterine fibroids.
*Anti-inflammatory Properties
Cinnamon can reduce both systemic and specific inflammation. Inflammation is a prominent problem that has led to the rise in chronic disease. It can be reduced by adding cinnamon to regular diet significantly. This also means consumption of cinnamon can help treat certain types of pain and headaches as well as arthritis. Research states that it boosts circulation, with circulation problems such Raynaud’s syndrome or arthritis helps stimulate and aids circulation to the joints.

*Blood Sugar Control
Studies have shown cinnamon has properties that help those with insulin-resistance problems. It is popular with type 2 diabetic patients who take cinnamon to control sugar level in the body.

*Stomach Bug /flu
the remedy for Stomach bug is cinnamon because it is a powerful antibacterial medicine. Research shows that cinnamon is one of the efficient and effective substances that fight against Escherichia coli, salmonella and other bacteria.
*Cancer Prevention
Cinnamon oil is a promising solution in the treatment of tumors, Gastric Cancers and Melanomas. Research indicates that sugar may be causing or sustaining Cancer cells and cinnamon has a mitigating effect of controlling Blood sugar levels in the body.

*Food preservative
Cinnamon is effective in inhabiting bacterial growth. This is the reason why it is widely used in preserving Food in hot Asian countries. In Sri Lanka, virtually every dish has a pinch of cinnamon in it. Ceylon Cinnamon in combination with other spices like Turmeric and chili is an indigenous solution to preserve food without refrigerating.
It may not be a local spice but is evident that this is one very useful plant. So next time you come across cinnamon when you go shopping, be sure not to pass it by. It must however be used moderately to avoid any toxic effects.

BY:Philomina Agyekum

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