“Gov’t Support Ceased Since 2010”-Miss Philipina Frimpong

“Gov’t Support Ceased Since 2010”-Miss Philipina Frimpong

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Tennis in Ghana has seen an improvement for the last five years; way better than what it used to be previously. In the l:ate 80s and early 90s, in David’s Camp, the Ghanaian teams were competing against other foreign teams here in Ghana. Due to lack of financial inputs from government, the interest of the game has reduced drastically and development of it is stalled.

“We have our Ghanaian ranked players but we do not have international ranked players who can compete in top tennis tournaments like: Association Tennis Professionals (ATP), Wimbledon, Roland Garos and others.” She continued: “We have our own Ghana ranked players, like the George Darko, Wisdom Na-Adjrago, Pascal Ziyab, Benjamin Fumi, Emmanuel Plange to name a few.” Says Ms. Philipina Frimpong.

Improvement in the female fraternity of the sport has been very slow due to some challenges. And this has led to low participation of females in the game. Hence, some measures are being put in place to resolve such issues.

Raising funds to support the federation hasn’t been easy, but luckily for them, they were able to contact the group chairman of the McDan Group of Companies

Dr. Daniel Makorley, who’s an avid tennis player and very passionate about tennis.  He has sustained Ghana tennis, so far encouraging other companies to do same, such as the COCOBOD and GMBC. The McDan Group of Companies have since been the backbone of the development of tennis in Ghana.

“The government is to finance the selected team if there is to be a tournament outside the country, as well as give them some Per Diem for their time away”.  

She further said: “Previously it was so, but from about 2010 till now, government support ceased and it became difficult for international competitions to be attended, so ideally government should fund national teams of the various federations, but that hasn’t happened in a while”.

In 2015, the tennis federation went to Congo for an international competition and won the Gold medal.



They also participated in the All Africa games and won a Gold medal in the men’s double. This year had the McDan Open which was played in April, the National ranking tournaments which was played in January and also in May.

There is also an upcoming tournament which used to be called “Atta Mills Open” now known as ‘Accra Open’ likely to played in August at Accra Sports Stadium.

She believes the players are holding on under such tedious situations while keeping their heads up. Her message to the current tennis players is for them to dig in and continue to work hard, and to expect things to improve soon since it’s a trying time. 

For those who will like to partake in tennis, “it is a beautiful sport, it is very good and it works the entire body, so anybody who wishes to get involved in tennis should go ahead”.

Story by: Mensah Larteley Ernestina (Diploma 1B)

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