This Is What a Banana Daily Does To the Body

This Is What a Banana Daily Does To the Body

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A bunch of BananasA bunch of Bananas

Consuming bananas as part of one’s daily diet comes with a lot of benefits for the well-being of the body. They may not look as valuable due to how small they naturally look; but they do a lot of good to the body.

These are the benefits of taking in bananas everyday:

1. WEIGHT LOSS: Trying to lose weight can be very challenging, but bananas make it very easy. If you keep take bananas before lunch, you’re likely to eat less and that will help you lose weight.  About half of the fibre content in banana, is soluble and when soluble fibre reaches your digestive tract, it absorbs water and slows digestion. Meaning, you can occupy your digestive tract with a banana for a long time and this would prevent you from getting hungry and needing to eat, hence losing weight. 

2. IMPROVED VISION: Bananas contain Vitamins A and C and both are antioxidants and protect the eye cells. Bananas also contain alpha-carotene and beta-carotene, which convert to Vitamin A to keep your eyes healthy.

3. EMPTY YOUR BOWELS EASILY: The high fibre in bananas help push out waste substances from the body, making stools easier to pass. Constipation is out of the question if you take bananas frequently.

4. PREVENTS DEPRESSION: According to research conducted on people with depression, a banana daily made them feel better. Tryptophan, a type of protein which our body converts into serotonin, hormone of happiness, can be found in bananas and it helps us relax and improves our mood.

5. BLOOD SUGAR STABILIZATION: This fruit contains Potassium and a bit of salt, which fights against high blood pressure. The American Agency for Food and Medicine confirmed that bananas could be used as medicine to fight against stroke and high blood pressure.

6. DISEASE COMBAT: Eating bananas daily helps fight against diseases, since bananas contain Potassium and Vitamins A and C. 

7. LESS CRAVINGS AND LOW CHOLESTEROL LEVELS: Eating bananas in between meals means not craving for snacks or foods high in cholesterol, since bananas cover up for that. Rather than nursing and satisfying your cravings for foods high in fat, go in for bananas instead.

However, according to a doctor at the Tema General Hospital, Dr Bright Kpeli, bananas are not recommended for diabetic patients since the sugar in banana could cause more harm than good to them.

Story by: Victoria Asamoah (Level 300 JN A)

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