Freshers lament inadequate accommodation facility; SRC…

Freshers lament inadequate accommodation facility; SRC…

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Incoming students for the 2017/2018 academic year of the Ghana Institute of Journalism have voiced out the changeless difficulty confronting students with regards to accessing accommodation.

The growing number of students enrolled by the institute each year has always had a negative correlation with the available private hostel facilities within the vicinity.

A couple of freshers interviewed by indicated most hostels they attempted to access were fully booked adding apartments sought after came at exorbitant prices.

“I had high expectations when I gained admission until I discovered there were no hostels available. This has caused me to move around looking for accommodation with cumbersome prices,” a fresher disclosed.

However, the SRC External Affairs Commissioner, Samson K. Afordofe has acknowledged the SRC was very much aware of the problem assuring the students of providing some accommodation facilities.

According to him “we have some SRC hostels that are being run. One at Labone, Paloma and Danquah Circle so interested freshmen can get in touch.”

Story by: Loven Lamptey (Level 300PR)

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