Anointing Oil is Biblical; How it’s Used Today is the Problem – Rev Kusi

Anointing Oil is Biblical; How it’s Used Today is the Problem – Rev Kusi

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Rev Joel Kwaku Kusi, Word of Blessing ChurchRev Joel Kwaku Kusi, Word of Blessing Church

Recent news reports have registered the publics the displeasure about the practices of certain Pastors, Evangelists and Bishops who have turned the church into a business centre; requesting some form of payment before attending to their members and even feeding their congregation with false information. To them these attitudes of the so-called Pastors or Prophets are very misleading and need critical attention.
A report by Ghana Web on the 14th of June 2016 shows a clear displeasure of such behaviours. On the Ghana Web platform, Pastor Joe Baning, Head of Living Testimonies for Jesus Bible Ministry was quoted to have said that “majority of Pastors and Christian leaders in Ghana are secret satanic agents especially trained as agents of the Antichrist also known as 666.” He says they behave like the Jewish council in the days of Jesus Christ, using the bible to deceive their church members while engaged in commercialization of the gospel because they are tactically nurtured for end time work of the false prophets.
In response to this allegation GIJ Online News sought to find out why, when and how information concerning fake Pastors or Prophets became so prominent an issue. In an exclusive interview with Rev Joel Kwaku Kusi of Word Of Blessing Church, he asserted that issues about these fake Pastors is not something new in our system; it is has been in existence since the days of old.
Making reference to the bible, he said these pastors were initially described as false prophets and false priests during the days of Jesus. gave a word about them in Matthew 7:16, 24:11.
He said these prophets show great signs and wonders using the name ‘Jesus’ to draw our attention meanwhile there is an unknown force pushing such wonders. Their main purpose is to deceive people and God’s elect and for the purpose of their stomach.
He gave out signs that will help an individual to indicate the good Pastors from the false ones and said that by their works you can identify them. After preaching or reading out the bible, what next they do as a prophets prophesying will greatly show you who they are because they can sell things to you. He emphatically said, “Anywhere an item is being sold to you as a means of protection other than the bible is a strong signal of such persons (strange oil, stickers, and handkerchief)”.
Speaking on the use of Anointing oil, he explained that Anointing oil emanated from the bible where God assigned Moses to specifically use “Holy Olive Oil” but of late the reasons behind what Christians use oil for and where the oil is coming from makes it the problem.
Finally he advised that Christians or individuals attend a bible believing churches, pray fervently, and believe in their prayers and Pastors. He added that people should as well listen to their discerning spirits and not attend churches which may cause them to be misled.
Other ordinary individuals shared the same idea as Rev Joel Kusi. They hoped these fake pastors would be fished out and flushed out of the system to prevent them preying on vulnerable people on a quest to find their faith.
One lady who spoke to GIJ Online News, Abigail, said she had heard of fake pastors but had had no encounter with any. However, comparing the doctrine of her church (Church of Pentecost) to some of the church programs aired on TV, she could label them fake because in her opinion, they did not go according to the bible.
Christopher, another person GIJ Online News spoke to who claimed to have come into contact with one said, “They use black charms and ask for huge amounts of money even before having a consultation with you”.
He however refused to mention any names.
BY: Christiana Owusu Adade (L300)
Gifty Kwarteng Dwira (L300)

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