Black Queens Left Out

Black Queens Left Out

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The senior national women team also known as the black queens is a national football team in Ghana and is controlled by the Ghana football association GFA.  In Africa, Ghana is the fourth to introduce women’s football and is currently second in the rankings of women’s football in Africa .The senior national women team is nicknamed the black queens and over the years have done tremendously well since its establishment, but have some underlining challenges.
Speaking to Alhaji Oliver, a board member of the GFA, he expressed his disappointment in the current situation faced by the Black Queens. They face financial problems, low patronage and no sponsorship. There has been no sponsorship from corporate bodies, government and the nation as a whole, because of low profit returns, corporate entities do not like to sponsor.
Also, the black Queens are not acknowledge on sports shows and are giving less attention as compared to the black stars. According to Alhaji, the president of the GFA, Mr. Kwesi Nyantakyi Sponsors the black queens with no assistance from Government. On the other hand, government gives full support in funding for the black stars and other sections of the male football teams.
Ghanaians however, do not give full support to the black queens on match days leaving the stadium half-filled as compared to the black stars, where tickets are sold at higher prices but still Ghanaians struggle to enter the stadium, full or not, to spectate the match.
Government does not support the national women team and thus making the nation loose interest.  However, Alhaji Oliver, urged Ghanaians and Government to improve on the funding and promotion of the women football team nationwide.

Story by Dorcas  Erzuah (Diploma 1 A) and Anita Coleman-Mends(Level 300 PR-A)

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