Freshmen to Undergo Compulsory Medical Screening on Campus

Freshmen to Undergo Compulsory Medical Screening on Campus

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GIJ-SRC President, Martin Thompson NtemGIJ-SRC President, Martin Thompson Ntem

Medical screening for all first year students admitted into various programs for the 2017/2018 academic year will be held on campus from Monday August 14 to Friday August 18. This is according to the Students’ Representative Council (SRC) of the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ).

Disclosing the news of the initiative to, the SRC President, Martin Thompson Ntem, stated that the five-day long activity will be “compulsory for all ‘freshers’,” adding that “we [the SRC] didn’t sign the contract, it is the school that did.”

He also stated that the compulsory medical screening has become a policy and will repeat itself annually.

“It is now a policy for all ‘freshers’ who will be admitted into the school to come and be medically screened in the school and obtain their medical reports thereafter.”

“The doctors and the medical practitioners will be coming to the school to check the freshers who will be coming in,” he added.

He however was unable to disclose the different checks the students will undergo during the screening.

“Well, I don’t know but the normal screening they do, they check a lot of things, maybe when they come finally, we can be able to ask them what they will be checking.”

Story by: Pobee Michael Nii Tackie (Level 300 JN)

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