Danger Looms as Traders Operate Along Railway Line

Danger Looms as Traders Operate Along Railway Line

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Danger Looms as Traders Operate Along Railway Line

Trading activities has been on-going on the railway line at Kantamanto, despite the danger posed by this action. The traders display their wares on the railway line and around it without any fear of being knocked down and run over by an oncoming train. Some of them even trade in between parked trains, endangering their own lives and the lives of their customers in the process.

In an interview with one of the traders, Mr Otchere, gijonlinenews.com discovered that the traders are oblivious to dangers associated with trading along and around the railway line because they have not witnessed accidents caused by moving trains.

“I have witnessed an accident here where a drunken man was sleeping under a parked train which had to be moved for repairs. The man had one of his arms amputated as a result. Apart from that, I have not witnessed any train accident here, especially one involving traders,” he said.

Mr Otchere further explained that the traders have been trading there for a long time and therefore have experience with moving their wares before a train moves or before an oncoming one gets closer, adding that, the railway taskforce blows a horn to alert the traders before a train moves out of the yard.

Mr Wood, the Area Manager at the Kantamanto Railway Station explained that the traders are aware of the dangers of their activities.

“We have given them several notices to vacate the place but they still return to the place after they leave.”

He further stated that the only way to get them permanently away from the railway line is to get an infrastructure work done to prevent them from coming back to trade there.

“Plans have been made to undertake a mass demolishing exercise along the railway line from Kantamanto to Shangrilla, to ensure safety along the railway line. The project has however not started yet due to financial constraints,” Mr Wood told gijonlinenews.com.

Mr Wood however stated that the Railway Taskforce is working tediously to get the traders far from the railway line. He is hopeful that their work will help reduce the risk the traders along the railway line face of losing their lives.

Story by: Bernice Adjetey (Level 300 PR)

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