Complete Unfinished Work – Residents of Teshie Anomantu

Complete Unfinished Work – Residents of Teshie Anomantu

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The residents of Teshie Anomantu have called on the Ledzokuku Municipal Assembly (LEKMA) to complete the unfinished gutter construction work which has been halted for the past two weeks.

According to them, the unfinished work is hindering their ability to safely commute within the vicinity. This is because the gutter served as a minor road to various locations within the vicinity but due to its reconstruction, most drivers have had to resort to using uncommon routes.

Motorists who are new to the community have to park their vehicles at unsafe places and continue the rest of the journey on foot due to the construction works.

“I haven’t been here for a while so I had no other option than to park my car somewhere and walk home since I didn’t know the routes well. I was actually worried about the safety of my car as there have been cases of stolen car parts within the community,” Stephen, one of the members of the community, explained to

“We are therefore appealing to the municipality to come and ensure that the contractor completes this work to make things return to normal,” he further requested.

The uncompleted gutter already has some parts broken with cracks in other parts and this has prevented the free flow of water. The reconstruction has further caused more damage to the un-tarred road close to it.

Story by: Bernice Adjetey (Level 300 PR)

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