Calls for the Breakdown of fees legitimate – GIJ SRC President

Calls for the Breakdown of fees legitimate – GIJ SRC President

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Martin Thompson

Series of calls have been made on social media calling for a breakdown of fees for students of the Ghana Institute of Journalism for the 2017/2018 academic year.

The Students' Representative Council President, Martin Thompson Ntem in an exclusive statement to has indicated that the calls by students for a breakdown of fees are legitimate. He said students must know what they are paying for and they have all the rights to make the demand because it is their money.

The President further revealed that his administration has taken over the charge for the breakdown of fees which has not happened in GIJ for more than a decade.

" SRC Presidents before me have all tried to get the breakdown of fees but were not successful. My administration will continue from where they left off. We will push the appropriate authorities to get us the breakdown. It is a process and we have started engaging the various stakeholders that matters when it comes to fees. We deserve to know" the statement read. 

According to the President, his administration is not only concerned about the breakdown of fees but all matters affecting students' of the Institute, like, the ban on charging of devices on campus among several others. 

"There are lots of problems and we must work hard to fix them, we have started but there is more we can do. Today, you don't need a police report to replace your Students ID card because we explained to management the struggle we go through to secure a police report " the statement  highlighted. 

Story by: Edward Acquaye (Level 300A Journalism)


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