Market Queen Attributes Food Scarcity to Rural-Urban Migration

Market Queen Attributes Food Scarcity to Rural-Urban Migration

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The Market Queen for Ashaiman Community Market; Madam Leticia Ayaba has disclosed that the recent shortages in local foods in the country are as a result of the increase in rural urban migration. In an interview with gijonlinenews, the market queen attributed the shortage to the neglect of farming.

“Everyone wants to travel to the city and find good job rather than farming. This has reduced the number of farmers in the villages. As a result the few can’t produce enough for the market hence making food scarce in the market,” Madam. Ayaba added.

The  increase in food prices she says is due to the scarcity of the commodity on the market.

 "When there is abundance of food on the market, it reduces the price". s

She denied the allegation that market  queens have a hand in determining the prices of products on the market and added that that the prices of products are determined but its availabilty on the market. Thus, a scarce product would cost a fortune as compared to one that is readily available. s

Madam Ayaba told gijonlinenews that due to the increase in prices, customers hardly buy from the market leaving most of their foodstuffs to rot.

A market queen is a leader chosen by the market women to control the day to day activities of the market. she is tasked with the responsibilty of motivating the traders to develop leadership skills. She also generates revenue for the government by collecting taxes and rent from traders for developmental projects in the markets.

Story by: Rebecca Mensah Dip 1B and Atakora Collins Dip 1D




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