The State of Sanitation on GIJ Campus

The State of Sanitation on GIJ Campus

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The Physical Development and Maintenance Unit of the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ) has raised concerns over the state of sanitation in the University.

Mr. Inusah Yakubu, the Principal Administrative Assistant of the unit, identified students' attitude towards sanitation as being the core of problem. According to him, students are not supposed to enter lecture halls with water and food items in order to curb the quantity of litter produced. Yet, this notice is disregarded.

Despite the availability of bins in the classrooms and corridors, students still litter the place. This situation he says put a lot of pressure on the cleaning staff of the University.

He deplored the conditions of the lavatories saying, students misuse the facilities.  He reiterated the fact that the cleaning staff sometimes suffer ill health in the course of performing their duties. “In the face of all these challenges, the cleaners give off their best to keep the school tidy”. 

He added that the cleaners at times suffer health challenges in the course of their work despite the protective clothing they are sometimes given.

Kwame, a cleaner at GIJ, expressed his disappointment in the students for not keeping the classrooms neat. He narrated his ordeal in cleaning especially the washrooms.  According to him, the washrooms are in conditions not worthy of description for a tertiary institution as GIJ.

Anita Coleman, a level 400 student of the University added her voice,“I admit that student attitude towards sanitation is not the best but with respect to the lavatories, the place must be cleaned more frequently within the day,” 

Presently, GIJ has 11 cleaners; six permanent and five on contract terms, who see to the daily cleanliness of the entire campus. Mr. Yakubu mentioned that the health services of the cleaners were catered for by the University. He also acknowledged that there is the need to employ more staff for this unit.

Story by: Prince Anim Asare L300B and Dorcas Erzuah Dip1A

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