Sanitation at Mallam Market

Sanitation at Mallam Market

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The Mallam market is one of the popular markets in Accra located along the Kasoa-Mallam road.

This market is filled with rubbish, flies and stench due to the refuse dump right behind the market. The stench is so strong that residents and drivers in Sakaman dread the situation.

Speaking with, Aunty Serwaa, a trader at the market narrated, “I am not able to come to the market to sell my stuffs especially when it rains because the gutters become chocked with filth and the whole place becomes flooded.”

“Disposal of sewage in this market is very bad. This rubbish containers could be full for many months without it being disposed” another trader at the market stated.

They appealed to the government, particularly the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) to help dispose the waste which poses a threat to their health.


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