“I did not kill Mafia!” Nana Ama places viral video in context

“I did not kill Mafia!” Nana Ama places viral video in context

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A video in which a woman, Nana Ama Boateng, held a bottle of schnapp [hard liquor] with which she is alleged to have been invoking a curse on another woman, Afia Sarpong who accused her over leaking some nude pictures went viral on social media two weeks ago.

A second video showing a woman, purported to be the accursed Afia Sarpong lying in state and awaiting burial also went viral after it was tagged with the former. The latter video, which gave the name of the deceased only as “Mafia” stirred controversy and doubt among social media users as Mafia was said to have died from the curse of Nana Ama Boateng.

However, following several backlashes from the public, the criticized Nana Ama Boateng in an interview with gijonlinenews.com has revealed that many had the wrong picture about the whole incident.

According to her, Mafia who was laid to rest and captured in a video was living in Germany and that she had no idea who the deceased was.

Nana Ama held that she lived with the accursed woman in London.

Giving her account of the incident, she narrated it all began with some false accusations levelled against her that she had leaked nude pictures of her friend, Afia Sarpong.

This is what Nana Ama had to say concerning the entire scandal.

“She [Afia] accused me of leaking her naked pictures which I knew nothing of. She then called me and evoked curses on me. She told me that she was sitting naked on the floor and cursing me, to show how hurt and serious she was. I felt this was because I asked her to leave my flat with her daughter on February 22nd after living with them for over seven years due to the fact that she gossiped about me many times to others. Weeks later, someone somewhere shared her naked pictures and I was blamed for it all because of our fall-out in friendship. I told her I was innocent and that I will also curse her because I know she sent her naked pictures to her boyfriend only but she wants to tarnish my image,” she explained.

“I did the video on April 24th as a reply regarding the curses she earlier evoked on me. Nothing I said was trustworthy. Everyone was accusing me here in London so I decided to curse back but with a video and then I sent it out. Later on, elders and chiefs called us both regarding the curses. So both of us were to reverse the curses we evoked from ‘antoa’, the deity we sent our curses to, which we both did with the help of relatives back in Ghana. She [Afia] is alive now because it was reversed but we are still at loggerheads. I don't know why someone has decided to link my story to that of the dead lady in Germany,” she added.

“The lady I cursed is called Afia Sarpong or her real name, Linda Sarpong, which I mentioned in my video, not Mafia.”

“This is a picture we took after all the curses were revoked and that matter was put behind us both. The name you see, Andrew Poku Amankwah, assisted us both to reverse the curses.”

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"This is Afia Sarpong and her boyfriend, Elvis."

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“I had no intention to invoke any curse until she and her boyfriend decided to talk about the river gods “antoa” and curses. He called to tell me if I don’t confess to the leaking of his girlfriend’s nude pictures, he will be left with no other alternative than to go ahead with cursing me. I told him I was innocent and so he could go ahead. People started questioning me and accusing me saying that, “I kicked my friend and her daughter out of my flat so why am disgracing her with her naked pictures.” They felt since we lived together, I might have taken the pictures from her phone and kept it somewhere till we fought and ask her to leave my flat, which clearly proved that I was planning to drag her name through the mud,” she revealed.

"I kept explaining myself to people but it all fell on deaf ears so I decided to record the video just to prove my innocence. If you listen to the video carefully, I said “if I leaked the pictures, may the river god ‘antoa’ strike me dead. If not, they should take her life instead. People do not know the actual story and so they judge me."

Story by: Benjamin Avinu (Diploma 1 A)

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