Three Priorities of a Single Youth

Three Priorities of a Single Youth

- in Relationship

One evening, as the wind blew slowly within the town of Adabraka, it was interrupted by an enormous sound that caught the attention of everyone living in the vicinity. Out of curiosity, many people came out to verify where the noise was coming from.

It was later realized that it was a fight between two young adults, who were in a relationship. As to what started the quarrel, no one had an idea. But like every human endeavor, relationships are faced with challenges, which when tackled in accordance with Biblical principles, becomes blissful.

The question is, is it good to be in a relationship at an early age, or stay single till the 'right time'? It was a delicate question to answer, until the Singles Summit event was organized.

The speaker, Rev. Kwodwo Boateng Bempah, spoke on what being single meant and emphasized three main things the young and single ought to prioritize in their lives.

He stated that the first priority of every single person is to love God; since God is love and the overflow of the love of God is what is used to love a partner. He added that a single person must be occupied with Kingdom work. He/she must have undivided devotion in order to not yield to temptations, especially fornication.

He further explained that if young ones seek first the Kingdom of God and its righteousness, all other things shall be given to them, hence, getting the right partner would be sorted.

He concluded saying, "a single person must develop a godly character, such as being meek, humble and holy. This is because, the meeker you are, the more you enjoy peace. One must also be humble because pride is a robber of greatness. Also, keep yourself pure from defilement because purity defines dignity and destiny."

Those present were fully educated and understood all the things a single person must do in order to be in a healthy relationship at the right time. Those currently in relationships were also advised to move out of those which were not yielding good fruit.

Story by: Judith Ofori (300 JN)

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