Boy Found Dead in Manhole

Boy Found Dead in Manhole

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A four year-old boy, Borga Kingston has been found dead in an uncompleted manhole full of water at Kasoa (Kaemebre) in the Central Region. The boy was claimed missing on Saturday 11th June, 2016, and was finally found the next day in a manhole near the house.

According his mother, he went out of the room after he was disciplined by his stepfather and she thought he had gone to his auntie’s apartment which was nearby.

“He left the room at about 3:00pm after he was scolded by his stepfather. I thought he went to my sister’s house. It was about 6pm but still he wasn’t back so I went to my sister’s house to check but he wasn’t there”, she said.

His aunt added that they searched everywhere in the house and around for Kingston but to no avail and so they reported the issue to the police. As they continued with the search the following day, his auntie saw his body floating in the uncompleted manhole full of water which was close to their house.

Surprisingly, the boy was not drowned but lay dead in the water. After a thorough look at the body, the police at the scene suspect it to be a murder. The body has been sent to the mortuary while the police continue their investigations

By: Charity ND Armah (Dip 1A)


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