School Fees Would Remain the Same – Registrar

School Fees Would Remain the Same – Registrar

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The Registrar of the Ghana Institute of Journalism, Mr. Perry OfosuThe Registrar of the Ghana Institute of Journalism, Mr. Perry Ofosu

The Registrar of the Ghana Institute of Journalism, Mr. Perry Ofosu, has revealed school fees for the next academic year would be the same as that paid in the just ended academic year.

Speaking in an interview with GIJ Online, he disclosed that, the school retained fees paid by students in the previous academic year and did not neither increase nor decrease it.

“Fees that have been paid by students’ previously, we do not increase them. Decrease, no; but then also we shouldn’t expect an increase. We only take new fees for fresh students,” he said.

He explained that, fees to be paid by the fresh students shouldn’t be called an increase since it was “fees that they are supposed to be paying” and looked slightly above what was paid by the previous year’s first year students.

“When it comes to processing and other things, there are changes in the economic situation and the environment. Therefore we look at the trends. The kind of increase that we intend the fresh students to pay is only about 9% or so above what the previous year’s students paid. So it is not significant,” he added.

Addressing rumors in the media on the issue of students’ expected to pay utility bills in the upcoming semester, the Registrar of the Institute explained that that wouldn’t affect the school fees.

“We have not increased any of the fees. Whatever you paid last year is what you would be paying this year. As for utilities we keep on paying. And we haven’t raised any issues although it goes up; but it is our responsibility to ensure that we operate in an atmosphere of harmony so students can learn,” he said.

He advised continuing students to capitalize on their vacation to “mobilize resources so that by the time school reopens you [they] would have money to pay your [their] fees.”

“Next academic year, we would not compromise and we would not allow people to do what they keep doing. This time round the online registration is on and no one should blame anyone if he or she is unable to register. This time round if you don’t register at the beginning just get back home and remain there without coming to worry us,” he added.

By: Kumi Obed Afari (Level 300c)


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