Blame Chiefs and District Assemblies for Galamsey- DSI Amoako Attah

Blame Chiefs and District Assemblies for Galamsey- DSI Amoako Attah

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The Head of Public Affairs of immigration, Deputy Superintended of Immigration, Amoako Attah has denied the claim that the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) has anything to do with galamsey. This was in response to a report by the Daily Graphic which accused the GIS of failing to perform their statutory mandate effectively and efficiently.

The report stated, “most Chinese who come with airlines form the Far East take their VISAS at the KIA and the GIS cannot deny this because many Ghanaian travelers are living witnesses to the spectacle”.

They said, “The GIS must apply the rules, so that all unwelcome guests are prevented from entering Ghana to abuse our hospitality by engaging in illegal activities such as illegal mining and retail trading.”

According to Amoako Attah, the GIS has nothing to do with galamsey. He said foreigners who enter the country have their genuine valid visa and tickets. He explained that they claim they are coming for holidays and business purposes but after they get here, they engage themselves in illegal acts.

According to him, “we should begin to blame our chiefs and district assembles where this started taking place.”

In his opinion, when the foreigners enter the country, they see the chiefs who give out their lands for such operation. He said the districts assembles are just there doing nothing about the situation.

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