The importance of tree planting to our environment

The importance of tree planting to our environment

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Tree planting is a positive environmental action which is done to protect the environment. They are essential part of human life and are vital to the existence and the well-being of all living creatures known to man. Planting and caring for trees reduces dust and harmful gaseous substances in the air. Reduction of air pollution and the improvement of the appearance of the community is also mad possible as a result of tree planting.

One thousand and three hundred tree seedlings were planted on Sunday, 5th June to commemorate this year’s edition of the United Nation (UN) World Environment Day. This was done to mark the second edition of the World Environment Day in Ghana and the theme was “Join the race to Green Ghana and protect Wildlife”.  Unlike the first edition, the second edition was met with a lot of enthusiasm.  Most Ghanaians, especially those that primarily enjoy the benefit of trees, seem to have no idea of the World Environment Day and its importance.

Coal pot and gas stove used by food vendors to prepare meals under trees pose a threat to the well-being and growth of the trees. Some also claim that, they planted the trees to serve us shelter for their business as well as in their various homes.

It will be a plus to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Ministry of Environment, Science and Technology to educate Ghanaians on the World Environment Day and also increase tree planting awareness to aid improving upon the knowledge the average Ghanaian has about trees and their benefit to the environment.

By Morrissette Koranteng (Level 300c) and Veronica Logo (Diploma 1c)


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