Female employee peppered down by Lebanese Supervisor

Female employee peppered down by Lebanese Supervisor

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Reports indicate that a Ghanaian female employee of Marwako restaurant at Abelemkpe in Accra on Sunday, February 26 had her face shoved and held down in a bowl of pepper by her Lebanese supervisor, Jihad Chaaban who subsequently prevented her from leaving the workplace until several hours later.

Speaking with gijonlinenews, the lady in question narrated her side of the story.

“On Sunday, while working, one of my supervisors told me to go and blend fresh pepper. As I was blending the fresh pepper, one of the white men came out and started saying that I will spoil the blender. He asked if I couldn’t see that the blender was making noise, and I told him I was blending fresh pepper”, she said.

“He then took the blender and poured the pepper out, and put my face into the blender".

Upon realising the damage done, they prevented her from going home so she wouldn't report the case.

Meanwhile, he management of Marwako has since suspended the branch supervisor alleged to have physically assaulted the Ghanaian employee.

The case, which is being handled by the police, has generated a lot of public interest and has raised many concerns about the treatment meted out to Ghanaians in various companies own by their foreign nationals.

He was arrested by the Ghana Police, but is currently on bail pending further investigations.


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