(Election 2016) We Would Not Pick Up Anything From Social Media – GBC

(Election 2016) We Would Not Pick Up Anything From Social Media – GBC

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The Manager of TV at the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC), Ebenezer Ampaabeng, has said the nation’s television station, GTV, which boasts of nationwide coverage, would not pick up any information from social media in its coverage of the 2016 Presidential and Parliamentary elections.

Speaking at a meeting with stakeholders of the various political parties yesterday at a forum organized by GBC, he stated that, “If for any reason a story must be sourced from social media, the reporter or producer who picks it up MUST be clear of its source or immediately subject it to editorial guidelines in force at GBC.”

“By doing this, we would be able to winnow a lot of stuff,” he added.

According to him, GBC in its election coverage was dedicated to giving Ghanaians “only what is authentic”.

“We are not saying social media is bad, but as we stated it has no gatekeepers and anybody can put anything there. But it can provide important leads. If it is important and that good, our editorial system would determine,” he explained following applauds from those present.

He further added that, any staff who failed to follow guidelines in the election coverage commits misconduct.

Story by: Kumi Obed Afari

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