African Fashion On Campus

African Fashion On Campus

- in Campus News

With its elegant prints,rich textures,beautiful and bold colours and of impeccable nature, African fashion in recent times has been embraced by most Africans and it has become the favorite wear of some students on campus.

Though there are different kinds of African wear ,the most popular African wear on campus is the Dashiki (known as Angelina in Ghana). It comes in different styles depending on the taste of a person. It is worn throughout the week unlike in the past where students preferred them on Friday.Some students prefer other African fabrics (’bakatari,’asasa') to the Dashiki.

African Fashion has been influenced many designers throughout the west, using the west as inspiration with western designers that have worked using traditional african clothing in many commercial collections for men, Kids Western Wear and woman, creating commodity in pieces and bringing the media and fashion industry in the moment of this iniciative to display this merge.

When it comes to African fashion on campus,lecturers are not left out. Most of them prefer ‘jalabia’, ‘bakatari’ and the normal expensive African prints which they wear on a daily basis.

For students who love African fashion, it gives them a sense of belonging and some sort of inspiration as it tells the story of Africa.

Story By: Abigail Adoma Gadagoe L300A, Miriam Owusu-Ansah L300B and Elizabeth Somuah Asante  L300C


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