The Ghana Institute of Journalism and her neighbours

The Ghana Institute of Journalism and her neighbours

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There has been lingering fears that the residents in close vicinity of the Ghana Institute of Journalism could be affected by the expansion in facilities and growing student population of the institute.

However, speaking to,most residents said the activities of the institute do not disturb their peace. The Ghana Institute of Journalism was the official residence of the colonial owners of the Daily Graphic and it was subsequently converted into a press club then an institute.

The Ghana institute of Journalism has had a steady population of about 100 students over the years, until the student population began to increase from the 1990s. The current population of the institute is beyond 3000 students. And the campus is used throughout the week.

 The neighbours of the institute explained that, despite the increase in the student population, they are not disturbed by the student activities, except on student ceremonies that go into the night.

 Meanwhile, food vendors in the area are making brisk business from the student population increase. The institute is located in a residential area and is bordered by quite expensive houses, an architecture firm and the British High Commission on the Gamel Abdul Nasser Road in the Klottey Korley constituency.

By Hamdiyatu Razak

L 300JN

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