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The high rate of divorce in Ghana of late is mind blowing and makes one wonder, "Didn't this couple get married a few months or years ago?" It's amazing how so much effort is put into this marriage ceremony just to join a man and a woman who have decided to stay together as husband and wife till death. All the time and resources involved in achieving this goal, all the venue bookings, makeup sessions, yes makeup sessions, suit and gown preparation and hype towards the marriage just goes to waste like that.

This brings me to my question, "Is marriage just for luxury or it is the real deal?" 

Many young ladies of late I believe would love to get married. There are some who just want to go through the process of marriage because of societal influence. Since they do not want to be looked down upon because they are of age and should be "married", they accept any man who come their way and rush into marriage so they can receive praise from society. Others truly want to get married and are actually concerned about the journey of marriage so take their time in choosing a better partner to live with. For some, it is not about the journey of marriage or to avoid societal influence, but they just love what goes into the preparation for marriage and also to be addressed as a "Mrs" or a married woman. They forget that marriage is serious business and involves a lot of trust, love, devotion, just to mention a fewwed

So then who do we blame for this?

In Ghana, the trend now is to go through the proposal, knocking, bachelor and bachelorette party, engagement, church wedding, thanksgiving service, lunch or dinner and honeymoon before you complete the marriage process. Not forgetting the decorations, car rentals, that is if they do not own cars, buffet, "small chops", drinks, engagement gifts, invitation cards and programs, wedding cakes, rings, provision for bridal party(groomsmen, bridesmaids, flower girl, maid of honor, page boy, little bride and best man), photography and videos. People are even confused as to what the church wedding and engagement is. With the processes mentioned above, one can imagine the cost involved and these couples come out after everything claiming they can't live together again and then you ask yourself if they really meant the vows they shared in front of all the witnesses present to witness their marriage or it was just a luxury?

Some couples really have simple marriage ceremonies and are happily living together. Others also have extravagant marriages and are living happily, not disputing that fact. The problem here is its worthiness. It is not the matter of the number of people who attend, the amount of gifts you receive, the venue of the ceremony, the number of cars, and the like. It is about the person standing next to you. The person you chose to be with. People don't have to go through all this extravagance to separate after some time. They have to consider the actual meaning behind this union? The real deal. It is something to think about.

By: Adriana Victoria Ofosu 

      Level 300 PR B

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Student at Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ)

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