Job vacancy

Job vacancy

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Job Description: A lonely and attractive old and energetic man is interested in hiring a beautiful lady for employment.

Salary: 500-1000 Ghana cedis per month

Incentives: a house boy, house help, a car, driver and a three bedroom apartment,

Conditions: No boyfriend, No Children

                         house and a car pic    car pic                                                                                                                             

I wonder who would be interested in such job with all its attractive perks. set out to find out from 7 ladies why they would and would not apply for the job.

Lady 1: “I would not take this offer because I prefer working to gain comfort than been rewarded for something I have not done.”

Lady 2: “Taking the long path which requires working hard to enjoy the harvest brings fulfillment and comfort. Such freebies are a short term offer and a shortcut in life, therefore I would not take it.”

Lady 3: “I will accept the offer because there is nothing like being served as a queen without working for it.”

Lady 4: “I would go for the offer as long as there is no sexual involvement.”

Lady 5: “It is an outrageous offer that only means one thing: the objectification of a woman. Women must stand for their right. I would not take such an offer.”

Lady 6: “I would take the offer because employment is hard to come by these days.”

Lady 7: “What kind of job is this? This can be a scam or sakawa. Any woman who takes this offer may end up dying.”

By: Esi Foriwaah Agyapong

Level 300 PR, B



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