Life in the Zongo Community (Nima)

Life in the Zongo Community (Nima)

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A  zongo community is freely referred to as a community largely populated by Muslims and people from Northern Ghana and other West African countries, with Hausa being their major language. Unauthorized statistics specify, that there are more than 400 of such communities in Ghana.

Nima is dubiously one of the most prominent and frequently mentioned zongo community in Ghana. It is often for diverse causes which could be good or bad. But in most instances, for not so good reasons. People hold invalid perception about Nima especially for the fact that, it is one of the invisibilize, denied and perilous community.

There are remarkable places in Nima which includes; Michigan, Since Morning, Yellow House, Salt Lake, Nuriya, Five Five, Baakin Gutter and Buza 11. In these areas they have a public place where the young male youth sits to discuss some issues concerning their life or about businesses. Some also come to sit there just for the pleasure of it.

In an interview with, Mr. Samuel   who has lived in Nima for ten years disclosed that, though some people make others life difficult in here by creating fear and panic in them, Nima is a place of excitement. He said, “People patronize a lot when an activity takes place here.

He further lamented that, though it is a deprived area which suffers from basic facilities, outsized number of vagrant workers from the countryside and neighboring countries find their way into Nima and make it their abode.

 Also in this community, boys as young as 15 years could be found along the street at midnight smoking marijuana and the girls walking all about. Notwithstanding, the graffiti of various artistes names can be seen on virtually all the streets in Nima. Most upcoming youth who want to be in the music industry and those who are already in it are based in Nima.

We have the likes of Rudebwoy Ranking, D-Sherrif, Alkaboss, Bosschick, Wizkhel and Captan who is a rising sensation. They do have colorful Ramadan  Mubarak festivities which involves a lot of merry-making. During this festive occasions, Nima becomes the centre of all activities. People from different communities come to Nima to celebrate this day.

By: Nelly K. Nyarkoah

Level 300 JN, C


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