Indecent parking of vehicles in front of 37 Military Hospital

Indecent parking of vehicles in front of 37 Military Hospital

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Since its inception about some 75 years ago, the 37 Military Hospital continues to battle with a number of challenges among which the issue with noise pollution cannot be ignored. Some drivers, particularly commencial drivers, have made it a habit of packing right in front of the hospital blocking the entrance to the hospital thereby making the bus stop congested.

Emergency vehicles have to queue along the road before gaining access to the hospital premises.IMG-20160815-WA0011

A few years ago, some military personnel’s arrested some of the drivers and they were sent to the morgue to wash dead bodies. Human Right and Administrative Groups and Organizations protested about this treatment citing it as a punishment.

Unfortunately, after several years the problem has resurfaced again. Drivers pack indiscriminately on the stretch of the road resulting in occasional accidents in front of the health facilty.

The authorities should be able to crack the whip for sanity to prevail in front of the hospital.

By: Joyce Agbeve

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