Grammy Black designs- Kumi Adade

Grammy Black designs- Kumi Adade

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The Chief Executive Officer of Grammy Black Design, Mr Kumi Adade Ntiri has expressed concern over the state of fashion in Ghana.

The fashionista said the current state of fashion in Ghana has grown from one phase to the other.

He added that one cannot predict what is trending because he is into designing with this own clothing line but sometimes has a desire for other peoples design.

“Everyday news symbols and designs come up every time”. A designer must do more to come out with a unique and catchy print which can reign for a longer period before fading out eventually.

According to the Fashionista, he has been in the system for long, but his biggest source of inspiration comes from KOD, Ohemaa-Ohene, Delay and others because they always come out with new designs that suit every (14)

He added that, he has chosen the to toe the line of T-shirt designing with GRAMMY BLACK label indicating that it is  original and made in Ghana.
It is a nice initiative to use the Africa Print because it symbolizes the true Ghanaian Culture. We cannot kill it out but we have to try to blend it with our collections.

By: Owusu-Achiaw Ann,

Journalism 300C.

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