Relating To The People

Relating To The People

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Are we even aware of the people who walk beside us or those who even walk past us? Every single person out there has become self-centered in their own small way.

Human beings do not have love for their fellow human beings anymore. We do not care what the other person goes through. It even rare to see two people exchange pleasantries when one crosses the other’s path.

What happened to the harmonious relationship among the people of Ghana? Hostility is displayed on every corner.

Our neighbours are not only the people we know or the family next door. Your neighbour can be that strange man who smiles at you everytime you walk to the roadside. It could be the funny woman who sat beside you in the trotro and kept at you on your way to work. It could be the driver who stopped to allow youcross the road.

All that the strange man needed was for you to return his smile. The funny woman needed an encouraging nod of your head to assure her that you didn’t have a problem with her sitting beside you. A simple wave would have gladdened the driver’s heart and made him know that you appreciate what he had done.

What excuses are we making for shirking our brotherly duties to our neighbours?

Too often, we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, an honest compliment or the smallest act of earing, all of which has the potential to return someone’s life around.

You can help someone have a better day by being kind to them today. Even a seemingly small act kindness might be very uplifting to someone who needs it.

It is now time for each and every one of as to have respect for others. We need to put aside our prides and our huge egos and start developing good relationships with the people close to as.

Our lives revolve around people and we do not know when we might need the person we once disregarded.

The next time you see a little kid with a frown, a kind word will do. Offering a helping hand to a person in need will go a long way to promote unity and harmony.

Jennifer Attakye Mensah        

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A level 400 student of the Ghana Institute of Journalism offering a degree in journalism. Interests: making good use of technology, reading books on conflict and unraveling mysteries, sight seeing, team work, video production and photography. Philosophy: Hard work breaks no bone. I'm a Christian.

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