Peace Songs And Their Impact On The Country During Elections

Peace Songs And Their Impact On The Country During Elections

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The election year in Ghana is mostly characterized by songs that campaign for peace and togertherness. Some of such popular peace songs include “Peace and Harmony” by Joe Mettle and his New Generation Ministers, “Yen Ara Asaase Ni” by Lynx ft All Stars and many others. But the question is whether these songs actually contribute to peace during election year?

The election year brings about the release of many songs by both upcoming and popular musician in the country. Most media houses also apportion time for them to be played in the urge to campaign peace for the country. Can we credit the peace in the country to the various peace songs released in election years?

Seeking the views of the public on the issue, Henrietta, a tertiary student said musicians have great influence over people in the country and so must use that platform to campaign for peace.

“Peace songs may not be the only thing that sustains the peace of the country during election year but that’s the little musicians can do to remind Ghanaians of our oneness and the need to stick together during and after elections.”

General Sly 1, an upcoming gospel artiste who released a peace song recently titled, “Say No to War”, also said peace songs contribute much to peace in the country during election year.

“Peace songs brings us together and it’s not done for only fame even though it’s part of it. I don’t think peace songs are the only reason for peace in the country up till now. There may be other factors but peace songs contribute to it,” he said.

Others were also of a different view that peace songs do not contribute to the peace in the country and that most musicians do it for the fun of it while some too take advantage of the election year to make themselves popular in the name of campaigning for peace.

Ericcaine, an upcoming musician, said peace songs achieve nothing as far as peace in the country is concerned.

“In my opinion, they do nothing to the peace in this country. People use them for fame and the fun of it. I may compose a song for peace but not in an election year because we need peace every day,” he said.

Kay, a student of University of Energy and Natural Resources, also said, peace songs are unnecessary and that it is better that we celebrate the peace we have than to cry for it.

“So far as music has information, it does pass a message whether positive or negative but for peace songs I’m not sure of the impact. It will be nice if we celebrate the peace we have rather than to try to create a picture of doom for our election through songs.”

This year’s election will be held on 7th November, 2016 and already many peace songs have been released with the Musician Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) also releasing an ALL STAR peace songs featuring Dr. Knii Lante, Iwan, Nero X, Sherifa Gunu, Ras kuku, Gasmilla, Adane Best, Black Rasta and others.

 Whatever the motive may be, peace is what we need as a country and everyone should be a peace ambassador to help sustain the peace in the country.

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