Schooling and Dating: A plus or minus

Schooling and Dating: A plus or minus

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IMG-20160523-WA0000Dating was originally supposed to be friendship between a male and a female. It meant going out to have fun, converse, explore and assess each other without intimacy or sex.

Dating amongst the youth today has become popular and normal with sex and money being the focus. There are other reasons why people date. Some of which may be for the fun of it, for companionship or friendship and possibly marriage.

Like many things under the sun, dating has evolved over the years. Dating is now a form of romantic courtship typically between two individuals with the aim of assessing the other’s suitability as a partner in an intimate relationship or as a spouse.

Most people date while in school for a number of reasons. Some think they may not find a better partner; partners with better or similar qualities after school. Some students also date to aid them pay their school fees. This is as a result of financial hardship.

Apart from the obvious reasons why people date, there other interesting reasons why students date. Some students date because they think they are growing and they need to get the right person. For others, they date because they believe they have found the right person. Surprisingly, a lot of students date because of peer pressure or trends in the schools they find themselves in.

According to some students, their relationships do not have any effect on their academic work. Since relationships have to do with commitment, some students think that they need to date not only to find the right person but to also know who they are with. They do this so that they know whether or not to keep on going with that person.

Most people say “dating” is meant for people who are matured in their mind. Those who aren’t matured enough to date tend to drop academically. They are unable to combine both the relationship and their studies. On the other hand, some partners encourage each other and support each other when it comes to academic work. This way, both individuals are able to perform better. This positive and negative effect depends mostly on the motive for the relationship as well as the kind of person one is involved with.

Just as everything has positive and negative sides, dating in school also has its positive and negative sides. It all depends on the individuals or partners involved.

Story By: Edna Baako and Bridget Amewudo


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